If you agree with the conditions implemented and want to make use of the service that makes available to you Pinball Project-Bcn we invite you to read this text which we proceed to explain the Conditions and use:

1 - Pinball-Project complies with article 5 of the Organic Law on the protection of personal data.

2º- To be a visitor and to see our catalog prices, offers and stock it is not necessary to register or open an account, it will only be precise when ordering

3º- Forms of Payment: In order to make payments our registered clients will have the option to pay by bank transfer under an account number that will be provided to our client through an email and also the possibility of paying through Pay-Pal that a Given the customer's purchase agreement will take you to the Pay-Pal page to make the payment.

4º You have at your disposal the contact section where you can send the doubts or appropriate questions in the case that corresponds.